Tea is the New Wine

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We talk about coffee all the time around here, but today we want to tip our hat to all the tea lovers out there. Black, green or herbal, hot or iced, with milk and sugar or lemon and honey, pinkies up or down, the options are endless.

For centuries, tea has been a coveted commodity. Having been first discovered in China it was mostly consumed for its medicinal properties. As it migrated across the globe it was often seen as the drink of royals and high society. Tea became a status symbol. It was also a target for high and arbitrary taxes. These taxes are what sparked the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. But the love of tea didn’t stop there. In fact it went where no one has gone before right beside the famed Star Trek Captain Jean Luc Picard who’s drink of choice was always, “tea, earl grey, hot”.

The varieties of tea are endless, but the three most recognized categories are green, black and herbal. Green and black teas are both made from the same plant and differ only in the way they are processed. Both are caffeinated although they have less caffeine than coffee. Just like coffee, the caffeine can be removed making decaffeinated versions. Just like coffee, though decaffeinated teas still have traces of caffeine in them. Herbal tea on the other hand is made from combinations of herbs, spices and other plant material and usually does not contain any caffeine.

Once you’ve chosen the type of tea you want to try, just like with coffee, you want to begin with fresh water. Bring the water to a boil, but only once. You never want to reboil the water. Then pour the water over your carefully choose, high quality tea bag like Two Leaves and a Bud and steep for at least 3 minutes. To make things simpler you can always grab K-Cups in your favorite tea flavors such as earl grey and lemon zinger. You know that Hav-A-Cup at home is the best place to purchase Keurig Coffee Makers and cheap K-Cups, and delivers them right to your door. Prefer your tea iced? Not a problem, K-Cups also come in specially formulated varieties perfect for brewing over ice.

Everyone has an opinion about what is and is not supposed to be added to tea. Milk but never cream, lemon, sugar but not together, honey when you have a sore throat, or lemonade if you’re in the south. We’ll leave that up to you, but however you take it; raise your pinky finger for the love of tea! 

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